What my clients say

A real transformation has taken place

Six weeks ago I went Sandra for a first session. Three hours later I walked out the door, onto Keizersgracht, and felt that something good had happened to me. A nice feeling, a bit indefinable, not knowing what was coming.

In the last 6 weeks a real transformation has taken place. I feel better. I am optimistic and cheerful. My environment also notices that, especially my family. The connection is stronger and more intense. I have the energy to tackle things. I can honestly say that my confidence in my abilities has never been better, I feel confident and make good decisions, I feel responsible for my life and my destiny.

After three weeks I called Sandra that I was now ready to quit smoking, and if I could make an appointment for that. For 35 years I have smoked and made several attempts to quit but was never sufficiently motivated or convinced. The session was planned and the weekend before that I had to write down in preparation why I lit a cigarette. That was the point that I immediately extinguished my last ever cigarette. I don't smoke anymore and I will not smoke ever again. I feel so good and confident now. The session was no longer needed. A very special side effect [of the first session] indeed.

In the past I have sought other types of help to deal with my childhood traumas. The result was always short-lived. RTT works. I can heartily recommend it. RTT certainly helped me a lot. Sandra is a great therapist, empathetic and understanding. In short; great therapy. Thank you Sandra.


Marked results

With her expert and empathic guidance, Sandra has empowered me to alleviate my struggles with stress and anxiety that have hounded me for many years. Although I was a little sceptical of hypnosis at first, I made the conscious decision to enter the process with an open mind and feel delighted that I did so. I really wasn’t expecting such marked results and would highly recommend Sandra as a guide.


My mindset has dramatically shifted

I had my RTT session with Sandra via Zoom online platform as we live in different countries and it has been truly a profound experience. I've been struggling with self sabotage, procrastination and lack of self-value especially since I started my own business last year and in one session Sandra has helped me to transform my belief system. We uncovered how and when I formed these unhelpful beliefs and she gently helped me to let them go and instead instil empowering, liberating, beneficial new beliefs. I feel motivated, much more organised, I show up every day and I prioritise my success. The main benefit for me is that my mindset has dramatically shifted - from feeling unworthy to knowing and feeling my own value, feeling that I deserve what I want and it's available to me. I'm so grateful to Sandra and I definitely recommend her. She's caring, attentive, focused and very professional so I felt safe and in good hands through out the whole process of RTT. 


I can truly feel love again 
Today I had an absolute breakthrough in my old emotions. I am absolutely confident that this is a breakthrough in my old pattern which gave me the most sadness. I am so relieved about what happened and it feels so real. It is all clear again. Finally I am kind to myself. I can truly feel love with confidence for the first time. It is so different. I have no doubt that I still have many steps to take, but now I have the right shoes. I am very grateful for everything. You are a special person and you have helped me get rid of that lonely feeling. I feel so much stronger and vulnerability is not as scary as I thought. I already feel much softer and I also see and feel when I pull up the wall and now I can lower it again. Wonderful ❤. Transformation is a team effort. I am grateful for all the people who helped me, including you!


I feel so much more free now
What a wonderful RTT session Sandra has done with me! She is very empathetic, has a nice voice and really knows what she is doing. A true professional! She has helped me so much, I now feel much freer. It went deep, it was emotional, but through her way of guidance we really got to the cause. The recording she made for me is beautiful. Dear Sandra, thank you! You really are the best!


Sandra silenced my inner critic
I had an online session with Sandra and she helped me gain my self-confidence and silence my inner critic. How she did it? By helping me realise some beliefs that always find a way to shake me up until now. We visited a couple of events in my life that made me think I couldn't influence the events because I was a little boy and I didn't know then how. But now I do! :)
After the session was over, she made me one personalized hypnosis audio that makes feel like a KING. She put so many things that I needed to hear for myself. And that alone is worth so much: my inner peace, the calmness of the mind and trust in me and my life!
Sandra is a professional and has a very nice aura around her.

I learned to look at myself with more compassion
If you have been traveling within yourself for a while, but - as I have - come across blockages in yourself, it is sometimes difficult to let go of them in search of your freedom. Sometimes on your journey you come to a place where you think "now I can't get further". In my case, an RTT session with Sandra offered a solution. Such a hypnosis session may sound scary, but it is not. You remain in control. Sandra, however, brings you into a state of supreme concentration and focus on the predetermined goal of the session. It is not always new memories that come up during an RTT session. In my case, they were familiar experiences that I learned to look at differently and with more compassion for myself during and after the session. And if you learn to look differently, you can overthrow your blockages and change your patterns.

From fear and uncertainty to trust and positive energy
Sandra has taught me that everything I feed myself in terms of thoughts, I will get back. After a few days I felt completely different. It was actually so incredibly simple! Give your mind positive energy every day and that will automatically express itself and radiate in everything in your life. I used to be in complete fear and uncertainty in terms of patterns, but literally in 1x that switch was flipped and "I saw the light" and how incredibly beautiful and simple it actually is. All you have to do is let go, believe and trust, and Sandra gives you this wonderful and trusted basis for being able to do that.


A special, powerful experience that helped me further
Sandra has a lot of love for her profession and beautiful intentions to heal the resistance and wrong beliefs in people's subconscious. I have experienced these two characteristics myself during an RTT therapy session. After the session, I felt enormously supported by the contact that she continued to seek to provide support. All in all a very special, powerful experience that helped me further.


It broke through something that didn't want to be broken through

For me the effects of RTT were useful, but not necessarily pleasant ... Maybe I have some very deep rooted blocks. I got nervous and angry. Now I am beginning to calm down. I am sure it broke through something that didn't want to be broken through.


I am empowered!
I had undergone hypnosis sessions before, because I find it interesting and empowering, but the session with Sandra was different. It holds your space without judgement within which you can explore, deepen and be touched in unconscious patterns and then she offers "tools" to get you started. I have experienced it as empowering, I have a positive outlook and I stand in my power! Sandra is professional, supportive and very inspiring!

Beautiful growth processes
Dear Sandra, I have made such beautiful growth processes since our hypnosis session. Time and again there are situations in which I realise that something has really changed. I notice it from my new reaction in situations that are painful or anxious for me. I think I got to know a part of myself that I didn't know yet and I'm so happy with that. Thank you very much for the session and all the loving aftercare!

Robine (18)

Totally balanced in my body & mind

It is now 3 weeks after I have had my session and I feel totally balanced in my body & mind. I have not eaten from emotion since then either. The hypnosis session has made me realize that I am hungry for love and recognition not for food, and that I can now feed myself by giving attention and recognition to myself. I feel stronger in my mind and that expresses itself in a stronger body. I recommend it to anyone in my environment who wants to understand his or her patterns with regard to eating emotion!


Trust in myself grows stronger every day
I had never done a hypnotherapy session before. The subject was fragile, but I never felt unsafe during the session. I felt seen by an involved professional. I have listened to the recording that I later received for almost six weeks every morning when I woke up. I felt confidence in myself becoming stronger every day. Repetition at first made me BELIEVE that it was like that and now ... now it feels like that from within. As if it has always been there. I will recommend you to anyone who needs help.


Space and trust to be vulnerable
Sandra gives a lot of space and confidence that it's okay to be vulnerable, which makes it easier to get rid of feelings. This is the first time I have done hypnotherapy. I found it very special to experience how I felt myself falling into a deeper state of inner consciousness. It felt warm and safe. Absolutely free of judgment.


I found something much deeper than I expected
I found something that I was not expecting during this session, something much deeper than what I was expecting. I was fascinated by how the scenes came to my mind! Sandra is so reassuring and I felt really safe. Even when I felt vulnerable under the hypnosis I knew that I would have her support.


Space in my head and steadily lost weight
Three weeks ago I received a session from Sandra. I always found an excuse to treat myself to cakes, chips and other tasty things. The session with Sandra immediately had a fantastic effect. Not only was it very nice and very enlightening to find out what the underlying cause of my eating behaviour was, but also that it also had a super good effect on that eating behaviour afterwards. What a terrible relief it is that I no longer think about food every day. Losing weight (which is going steadily!) has actually become of secondary importance. The peace in my head because I am no longer concerned with nice food has become many times more important. I never thought this session would have such an effect on me. Thank you so much Sandra! I recommend you to everyone I know!


The problem and the emotion get seen
Sandra, you can do this super well and you respond very positively and solution-oriented. The problem and the emotion may be there, you give the feeling that you see and acknowledge me. Your reactions give hope that everything will be alright, it only needs some time. You are very honest and committed. It was also very nice to get a recording.


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