My mission

My name is Sandra de Gelder, I live in Amsterdam with my two children. I am a certified RTT hypnotherapist and I cannot think of a better profession than guiding people on their way to their highest potential. In my Amsterdam practice, I like to show you around inside your own subconscious, so that we can transform old, no longer helpful beliefs and patterns.

My clients' wellbeing is my first priority and every liberation makes me happy. I work with adults and children. I have walked the inner path myself and know how liberating it is, it is what I wish for everyone. Contact me to help you calm down your inner saboteurs once and for all and at the same time strengthen your inner mentor, so that you can start living the life that was always meant for you.

With my company The Good Family, I guide children and their parents navigate life in de 21st century. We help you make choices, find purpose, overcome adversity, finding peace, letting go of expectations and whatever is needed for a warm and happy family life. By connecting with yourself, releasing limitations and moving into action, we guide you to a heartful life.