How RTT works

3 steps to freedom

Step 1: identify the cause

Hypnosis brings you into a deep state of relaxation through which we get access to the hidden information in the subconscious part of our brain, where our deepest inner feelings and memories are. In the deep relaxation or trance our mind relaxes completely and by asking the right questions we can gain insight into the cause of our automatic patterns, limiting beliefs or behaviour/habits.

Step 2: interrupt the pattern

We then interrupt these automatic programs (beliefs, behaviours or habits) by making it clear that these interpretations made by our younger selves are no longer relevant or helpful in our lives and can therefore be eliminated. We redefine the beliefs so that they no longer have a place in our belief system going forward.

Step 3: install positive beliefs

When we have detected the unwanted automatic program, we can overwrite the limiting thoughts and beliefs. In hypnotic state, our subconscious mind is very receptive to new interpretations, ideas and suggestions, so we can start programming powerful positive thoughts about ourselves and our behaviour. Through repetition and command-like suggestions, we program the brain with thoughts and beliefs that picture how you are at your best. This will liberate you and lead you to the life you always wanted to live.